CIO Software is a Canadian IT consulting firm providing high-end, custom software development services to the corporate community.

If you need a system, a website, a utility or an app built, we can build it. From Data-Transactioning at the backend to Business-Intelligence systems at the front, we take care of your requirements to receive data, store and transfer that data, and then present the information in an effective and user-friendly manner. At CIO we specialize in building fast-performing systems that are secure, scalable, and failproof. Strong as a Microsoft shop, we can also work with any of your existing systems and technologies.


For more than 15 years CIO has been part of the winning team, yielding a spectrum of winning solutions. We have contributed to the success of in-house systems and shrink-wrapped software products, alike. Our business application experience includes the development of systems for Transaction Querying and Processing, Billing System Provisioning, and Commodity Cargo Tracking. Add to that Wholesale Order Tracking, Asset Inventory and Management, Electronic Documentation, Customer Order and Provisioning, and BI Reporting for Management, Accounting, and Auditing.


We match innovative and sound solutions to best meet your needs. We undertake challenging business requests and deliver clean, effective solutions that range from purely simple to richly featured, depending on the requirements. Our approach is to get the job done; our commitment is a job well done. Working in your office or remotely from ours, we deliver first-class workmanship on budget and on time.


CIO has a 5-star reputation in the IT industry for fine attention to details, understanding your business, responsiveness, positive attitude, strong communications, and excellent team-work. Customer-service is a high priority; we are satisfied only when you are satisfied.

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